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We want to ensure that we have the best possible atmosphere both inside and outside of raids. In light of this, we have decided that the following rules will apply to everyone, regardless of rank:

  • As a member of Rising you represent our community and wear our tag. We do not tolerate any forms prejudice, bullying, insults or elitist behaviour.

  • Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are an English speaking guild and all communication must be in English.

  • We earn respect by giving equal respect, there is no divide between the officers, raiding members or social members.

  • We recognise that we play video games to have fun, we love humour and welcome humorous content as long as it does not cross the line.

  • Being social is really important. We really value players who take an active interest in conversations!

General Guild Rules

We all play to have fun.

Don’t ruin it for others. It is you, not the guild leadership, that is responsible for whether you are enjoying this game or not.

Be mature.

Childish and infantile behavior is not tolerated. This is a guild of adults.

Respect others.

Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of the guild, their abilities, their contributions, or any extra duties they perform to keep the guild on track

You are part of a guild.

We succeed as a guild group, not as individuals. Self-centered and selfish attitudes are not helpful nor wanted.


Conflict may inevitably arise so members are expected to try to resolve disagreements with other players privately and not publicly. Failing that, approach the guild leadership if you need assistance.

Drama will not be tolerated.

Disagreements or other behaviors which become disruptive to the guild are unacceptable.


Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild and raiding is always welcome and encouraged. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals.

Keep up to date with announcements.

Discord has become our main way of communicating important guild information. However, other information will also be held on the forum. We will post a link to forum discussions on Discord when they are up. It is your responsibility to check regularly and stay up to date of any important information.

Do not engage in any activity that will give the guild a bad rep.

Behaviors such as spamming, trolling, ninjaing, begging, flaming, or other antisocial actions are not acceptable.



Raid sign-ups will be done through the website calendar and you will be expected to sign up here. Missed signups will be treated as a no show. 24 hours before a raid the calendar will be automatically locked and you will be unable to cancel your signup.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you cannot make the raid. Anything less than 24 hours then please contact one of the officers directly as soon as possible so we can change your status if you had already signed up.

Before the raid

Raid invites will go out 15mins before a raid starts and you are expected to be ready with consumables. 5mins before we start you are expected to be on location for the raid.

Loot council

Should you become a member be sure to check out our loot council rules page here:

Loot rules


Out of respect for those who do not want to be on stream, you are not permitted to stream our raid nights.