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This would be our ideal setup. We are fully aware it might not look like this the first few weeks. However we would want this to eventually be how it looks.

9 - Warriors (3 Tanks. 1 MT deep prot. 2 OT/dps) & 6 Dps
6 - Rogues
6 - Mages (Including Winters Chill)
6 - Shamans (All restos)
5 - Priests (Including holy & PI + 1 shadow)
4 - Warlocks
2 - Hunters
2 - Druids (Resto)

This will ofcourse change as the new raid tiers are added. This is very much subject to change.

Fury warriors will on the occassion be asked to off tank so should be fully prepared for that for MC.

For Nightfall later on either a Hunter eventually or 2nd OT using Annhilatior if the stacking works, boss/comp depending.