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We're <Rising>. A Horde guild playing on Firemaw

We're building a friendly community of players who will help each other overcome the great challenges of Classic and enjoy the content it has to offer. We started with only a few members weeks before classic came out.
And grew quickly with people who share our values and vision for Classic. The reputation of a guild means a lot in Classic and we want ours to mean something to the rest of the realm in the right way... and for the Alliance, the wrong way.

We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild, yet we intend to have fun along the way just as much as pushing content. We want good players who can commit to the time but by no means are we requiring players min-maxing themselves and sink every minute into Classic, we're all a bit older with life stuff going on. We're taking on a "put the guild first" attitude when it comes to our loot distribution to ensure we clear content quickly. In the future we aim to host social and alt raids too as I'm sure there will be many people wanting to have a couple of characters.

Raiding won't be the only aspect of our guild as many of us are keen PvPers. We will be hosting events with grouping for World PvP, Battlegrounds and eventually raiding Capital cities - there's also a few of us who've expressed interested in twinking too.

Knowing that we'll have a solid community for all of this is extremely exciting!

Maybe you're already a member and have read something here, or you're thinking of applying to join and have a question or comment; we're very open so please chat to one of Rising's officers on discord - @Boo#0059, @GlenCoco#3702, or @QFierced#7447.

Lok'tar Ogar!