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Welcome to Rising!

Welcome to <Rising>

EU Firemaw Horde Classic Guild

We've all been waiting a long time for Classic WoW and we are looking to finish our roster of players now so that we can really hit the ground running.

The main focus of our guild will be to build a community of friendly players that are keen to help each other and get the most enjoyment out of Classic. We believe that having a group of supportive players will be a huge benefit in Classic as there is such a focus on cooperative play whether it be raiding or other activities.

When you are levelling, we want a community to be there to help you with that quest or to kill that Alliance dog who has been corpse camping you. At endgame, we want to gear up together and have fun doing so.

You will find more information about our guild and our values in the links above. For our recruitment needs please see the post below this one.

We are currently looking for:

Druid (Resto): Very low
Druid (Feral): 3rd OT (Druid or Warr)
Hunter: Very low
Mage: High
Priest (Holy): High
Priest: (Shadow) Low
Rogue: Very low
Shaman (Resto): Very low
Warlock: Medium
Warrior (Prot): Very low
Warrior (fury): Medium

We will always consider exceptional and dedicated players for our raid roster regardless of our current recruitment needs. We always encourage you to apply!

If you have any questions regarding our recruitment or anything else before you apply please contact us directly on discord: Boo#0059 , GlenCoco#3702 , Qfierced#7447